Over the last few years I have had a very satisfying career as a businessman and Union Representative. In the business world I achieved my goals but over time I found that I was becoming rather unhappy and unfulfilled form using my skills to only help myself.

I recently found God in my life and after I lot of reflection, I realised that our political system wasn’t working for normal people. In my opinion to be a good and effective politician you need to have extreme confidence, passion and the willingness to be bold and stick your neck out on the line.

What really pushed me into politics was talking to people and learning how the system was hurting them and screwing them over. After much prayer, I realised that I could use the same skills I had learned in business but, I could use them to help other people while at the same time satisfying the ambition within me.    

I have reached a stage in my life where I would like to make a genuine contribution to the place where I would like to one day raise my future children in – the Bulimba electorate.

I have recently turned twenty one years old.

One of the benefits of having an young MP who is qualified is that I am in the very prime of my life and I have near endless energy. I really do work 10 to 12 hour days regularly and I feel that the energy I bring to the table can really be of service to our local community. 

Why have an MP who knocks off work at 4PM, when you can have someone who works from 6.30 to 8.00 PM most week days? 

If we want to get back our great way of life, you need a hardworker to be your local MP.

I often enjoy taking long walks while I ponder thoughts in my mind. While not an official community activity, I have grown to enjoy the friendly chats I have with fellow walkers.

When I was a kid, I had had a plot of land at Beelarong Community Farm where I grew (more like attempted haha) snow peas and other fruits.

I attended the local football team at Bulimba Memorial Park and I went to pre-school at Bulimba Community Kindergarten. 

I also enjoy sometimes painting at cafes in our local area. 

I am not currently member of any political party. Back when I was in business, I was a member of the Liberal Party. 

I am an independent so other than telling you to vote for me first, where you put your other preferences is up to you.