Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit does not smoke cannabis but he has done the maths and knows that legalising cannabis (and taxing it!) would save our economy and get our people back to work!

The LNP and Labor job creation plan would set the tax payer (YOU!) back billions and wouldn’t create that many jobs. Finn’s plan wouldn’t cost a cent and many jobs would be created! More jobs are just what Queensland needs with state debt spiking and unemployment rates increasing .

Finn’s plan also has the benefit of generating the state government more money (through taxing cannabis), which can be used to enact policies that put you first (like free public transport!) or can be used to pay off Queensland’s out of control debt!

When elected, Finn will introduce a private members bill into Queensland parliament that would legalise cannabis and allow you to grow a few plants in your backyard.

How does Finn intend to get this bill passed into law?

The polling data shows that it is extremely likely that neither the LNP or Labor will have enough seats to form government and thus would need the support of the cross bench to pass laws. Finn plans to hold the bastards over a barrel and play hard ball to get this bill passed into law!

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