Only 22% of Queenslanders trust politicians. Queensland politics has a massive corruption problem that no one in parliament is serious about ending (why do you think that is?). Recently, multiple city councils have been sacked by Queensland parliament for allegations of corruption. Moreover, this year the Crime and Corruption Commission has seen a near record number of complaints related to allegations of corruption.

Queensland is a big swamp of political corruption and Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit is serious about draining it.

Finn’s Solution Is To Lock Em’ Up

If you stole from your boss and got caught you would get arrested and go to jail for theft. Why is that that when politicians steal they just get a slap on the wrist and no punishment? The current system is not fair and it’s time to get serious about ending political corruption in Queensland. Finn has a few ideas that when used together will make a massive difference in the fight against political corruption.

  • Amend the Crime and Corruption Act 2001 to close the loopholes that corrupt politicians use to exploit political office for their own benefit
  • Strengthen the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission investigative powers to ensure that the corrupt politicians get caught for their crimes and jailed